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PD1-S81-9561 – Terrabit Ethernet switch with 48GE port and 8 10GE ports

SKU: PD1-S81-9561


Danh mục: Switch,
Nhãn hàng: Switch

Product overview

Advanced Hardware Architecture, and Industry-Leading Port Intensity:
  • A 1U box switch bears 48 gigabit ports, 8 10G ports, which is considered the highest port density in this industry. It adopts the high performance ASIC switch chip, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of complicated application sites.
Industrial Ethernet Ring with Zero Delay and Zero Packet Loss:
  • This switch series supports industry-level EAPS and their protection shift time is less than 50ms. Their high reliability is represented by the null packet loss, which has been proved by many years of application in the Grid, rail transportation and defense systems.
Telecom-Level Ethernet Switch:
  • Supporting the telecom-level Ethernet-ring protection protocol with a protection shift time of less than 50ms, STP/RSTP/MSTP, backup of active and standby uplinks, and LACP link aggregation to cater to the requirements of high reliability of carriers.
  • Providing the perfect Ethernet OAM mechanism to monitor the network running status in real time for rapid trouble locating and detection.
  • Having powerful ACL functions to access and control L2-L7 data based on physical port, VLAN, MAC, IP and protocol port ID, and providing carriers flexible and various policy control methods.
  • Supporting In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) to ensure the unremitting data forwarding during system upgrade. Supporting various L2 multicast functions, including IGMPSnooping, fast-leave and trans-vlan multicast copy
Carrier-Level QoS Policies:
  • Supporting priority retagging and complicated flow classification based on VLAN, MAC, source address, destination address, IP or priority to better streamline carrier’s services.
  • Providing flexible bandwidth control policies, supporting port-/flow-based flow limit, and ensuring the line speed forwarding of each port to make sure the high quality of video, audio and data services..
  • Supporting 8 priority queues by each port Supporting multiple queue schedule algorithms such as SP, WRR, or “P plus WRR”.
Versatile IPv6 Solutions:
  • Supporting the IPv6 protocol suite, IPv6 neighbor discovery, ICMPv6, path MTU discovery, etc..
  • Supporting Ping, Traceroute, Telnet, SSH, ACL and so like on the basis of IPv6, meeting IPv6 networks’ equipment management requirements and service control requirements.
Perfect Security Mechanisms:
  • Equipment-level security: The advanced hardware infrastructure design realizes the level-based packet schedule and packet protection, prevents DoS-/TCP-related SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Broadcast Storm or large traffic attacks, and supports level-based command line protection, endowing different levels of users with different management permissions.
  • Perfect security authentication mechanisms: IEEE 802.1x, Radius and TerTacacs+.
  • Storm/multicast/unicast limit to ensure the normal running of equipment in harsh network conditions. Perfect ring detection mechanism to ensure the longterm stable running of network.
  • Port isolation within the same VLAN, DHCP Snooping, and IP plus MAC plus Port binding for ensuring user data security.
Flexible and Convenient Management and Maintenance:
  • Supporting management modes such as the console port, Telnet, SSH, etc.
  • Supporting the WEB management mode, which is easy and efficient so that it makes installation and debugging convenient.
  • Supporting TFTP-patterned file upload/download management.
  • Supporting ISSU (In-Service Software Upgrade) Supporting SNMP and Terrabit Prodigy NMS smart network management platform to realize automatic equipment discovery, network topology management, equipment configuration management, performance data statistics and analysis and trouble management. Configuration with previously stored configurations and perform rollback if needed. The system has the capability to store up to 128 versions of saved configurations..

Technical Specifications


  • Port: 48 GE TX ports, 8 10GE/GE autoadaptation SFP+ ports.


  • Backplane: 368 Gbps
  • Forwarding Rate: 568 Mpps
  • MAC 128K
  • Switching Mode: Store-and-forward
  • MAC exchange: 
    • Static configuration and dynamic MAC learning.
    • MAC browsing and removal.
    • Configurable aging time of the MAC address.
    • Limited number of learnable MAC addresses.
    • MAC filtration. Black-hole MAC list.  
  • VLAN: 
    • Support 4K VLAN entries
    • Support GVRP
    • Support 1:1 and N:1 VLAN Mapping
    • Support QinQ and flexible QinQ
    • Support PVLAN 
  • Multicast: 
    • Support IGMP v1/v2/v3, PIM-SM, PIM-DM
    • Support IGMP Snooping, MVR, IGMP filter.
    • Support IGMP Fast Leave
    • Support multicast group strategy and quantity limitation.
    • Support multicast flow copying over VLANs.
  • STP: 
    • Support 802.1D (STP), 802.1W (RSTP), 802.1S (MSTP)
    • Support BPDU protection, root protection and loopback protection
  • IPv4: 
    • Support Static routing, RIP v1/v2, OSPF, BGP, PBR, ECMP.
    • Support strategy routing.
    • Load balance by equivalent routing.
    • Support BFD for OSBF, BGP.
  • IPv6: 
    • Support ICMPv6, DHCPv6, ACLv6, IPv6 Telnet
    • Support IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
    • Support Path MTU Discovery
    • Support MLD v1/v2
    • Support MLD Snooping 
  • QoS: 
    • Support CAR flow limit, HQoS, MAC/IP/TCP/UDP/VLAN/COS /DSCP/TOS based QoS..
    • Support 802.1P/DSCP priority re-labeling.
    • Support SP, WRR and SP+WRR
    • Congestion avoidance mechanisms like TailDrop and WRED. 
    • Flow monitoring and traffic shaping.
  • Security: 
    • Support L2/L3/L4 ACL flow identification and filtration..
    • Support DDoS attack prevention, TCP’s SYN Flood attack p revention, UDP Flood attack prevention, etc.
    • Support Broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast storm Control.
    • Port isolation. 
    • Port security, and “IP+MAC+port” binding.
    • DHCP snooping and DHCP option 82.IEEE 802.1x authentication.
    • Radius Tacacs+ authentication.
    • Level-based command line protection.
  • Reliability: 
    • Support Static/LACP link aggregation.
    • Support ISSU uninterrupted system upgrade.
  • Management: 
    • Support Console, Telnet, SSH.
    • Support WEB based management.
    • Support SNMP v1/v2/v3.
    • Support upload and download of TFTP files Support RMON.
    • OS: TerOS.

Power Requirements:

  • Power consumption: <55w.
  • Power input: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz±10%
Physical Characteristics:
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 442.5x315x44mm
Environmental Limits:
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C-50°C, 10%-90% non-condensation
  • Storage temperature/ humidity: -20°C-70°C; 5%-95% non-condensation
Optional Accessories:
  • For Optional Fiber Module, please refer to Spectrum Terrabit Transceiver.


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